Dyce Andale

Dyce Andale is a quick-witted Human Rogue from Chessenta and the founding member of The Steam Powered Robots.


Dyce is the founding member of The Steam Powered Robots and tends to be the one who finds the team its jobs, and gets them mixed up in the danger that usually follows. He started off with humble beginnings as the son of a farming couple, but longed for something more, the life of an Adventurer. He was also an avid gambler, starting off with simple card games and the betting of farm chores as money, until he felt he had a real talent for some of the games and wanted to test himself against some big city pro’s, which lead him to leave the Farm once his parents had retired comfortably and look for a way to make some money and join a major tournament. The only way to make the money was taking an adventuring job and After faking his way into an adventuring party that was over his head, he quickly learned that his luck with cards didn’t follow him into an adventuring atmosphere, and he almost got himself killed by a pack of displacer beasts (A monster that he still has a strong fear of to this day). Unfortunately that bad luck is something that seems to follow him from fight to fight and he’s still trying to shake it. He’s quick to act and has a strong sense of Justice, but hides it well beneath his goal of gaining a reputation for him and his team. He’s a reliable decision maker and is trying to be the best Leader he can.

Dyce doesn’t drink alcohol due to it causing him to lose a vital card tournament against his rival, Pinch Leary.

Dyce also Spent alot of time during his first few years as a serious adventurer, living with the Dwarfs of Greycave, which has lead Dyce to have a certain affection towards dwarfs as well as using several of their more common slang terms.

Dyce also doesn’t use any common curse words, instead opting to use the rarely spoken language of Abbysial to say anything distasteful towards anyone.

Dyce also accidentally created the persona of Rice Andale when he was attempting to create a distraction for his party while they rescued a captured ally and the audience watching misheard him when he announced his name. Rice Andale has been described as anywhere from 7 to 9 feet tall, and is often said to have the ability to shoot lasers, lighting, or other magical powers out of his eyes and hands. Dyce still laments the crowd for not hearing him correctly and missing his chance at gaining a well known reputation.

Most recently, Dyce has found himself in a situation where he had to fake his own death to protect the other members of the Robots, and had to seek out his old friend Alec Trevelyan to create a magical disguise for him to wear while he hunted down a way to clear his name as the murderer of Elven Ranger Arelle Rose. While in his disguise he takes on the persona of Ace Winters, a Half-Orc Beast Master Ranger.

Dyce Andale

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